Go Wild Grafix was founded and is operated by Meg Snow.
Meg had a blast growing up in the suburban jungle of
Buffalo, New York, where she and her tribe of six siblings
regularly conducted ski expeditions through the snowy hills
and forests, made funny home movies and laughed a lot.

Her love of the unknown sent her on quests all over
Europe and the Caribbean, in addition to the exotic and
romantic locales of Marrakech, Morocco, and Newark,
New Jersey. Her thirst for adventure and hunger
for the unusual led her to dine on Iguana in Curacao,
Frog Legs in Italy, and Turtle Soup in New Orleans.

She studied art and design at Buffalo State College, The
New Renaissance Academy of Fine Art in Whidbey Island,
Washington, and Manchester Polytechnic in England.

Meg currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She would
love the thrill of tackling your next design project...
Contact her for a quote today!

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